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It is endearing how the female call girls reproductive South Extension Escorts Girlssystem resembles South Extension Escorts Girls sea creatures; the ovaries like some sea life and the ethereal glistening cellular structures of the womanly reproductive system is a clue to the night ambiance of lovers coming together under moon lit and starlit nights are the reality that has existed through to our ancient origins in Egypt where initiations into the wisdom of procreation is evident. In heavenly lovemaking we have a concept that inspires to focus during the lovemaking act with a partner (practicing alone in single people has helped them to find another who practices HL tool if so desired and shows the entity how to stop cortex ‘stupid’ sexual programming on the life that would attract a vastly different partner) suggested once the couple have bonded intimately with each other. It also demonstrates if we examine society today the degeneration of the concept of prostitution in our times The Mythology of Sex; a text describing some aspects of ancient Mesopotamian times where men were educated for a price in sacred sexual rites to where prostitution in our time became a quick sex act for money.

Note: the understanding of fellatio is backwards in society for it is a passive position for the man to lay back and to experience balancing the sex act as is the woman on top position this helps the male to relax and to bond with the female partner in the sexual union instead of feeling like he has to run the sex act. NOTE: A man ‘impregnates’ the active the ‘impregnated’ woman passive recipient however if the man does not realize the importance of the woman’s orgasm in impregnation he may come back wearing a female body getting the picture more clearly. DNA of people who make love first thing in the morning without giving the morning focus to the sovereign self first is a state of polarity consciousness affirmed to the higher consciousness and the inertia set upon the being to manifest as heavenly LOVE MAKING II from the sex act is intended for day’s end when the being is naturally winding down the day of applying dedicated focus through the Quantum Mind Tech tools and may languor in sensuality with the partner and drift off to a restful, cocooning state (provided here in articles).

As a day is created for and by the sovereign Creator exalted so then at day’s end when the sun sets children are put to bed and the magical ambiance of a mysterious, cool evening is upon a man and woman they celebrate the day’s success and make love with the creation of the moment for the couple in the slower light of the night. Including MERKABA during non sexual contact in one’s life to build an energetic field that begets a body biochemically and electro magnetically superior for abundant living including South Extension Escorts Girls sexual intimacy is recommended. That is often present in midlife crisis men and some women who orgasm out sexually their emotions of sadness denying them in a passive aggressive notice me plea the rest of the day.

As a day is created for and by the Creator exalted so then at day’s end when the sun sets children are put to bed and the magical ambiance of a mysterious, cool evening is upon a man and woman they celebrate the day’s success and make love with the creation of the moment for the couple in the slower light of the night continue the focus of the day sovereign and into a deep, restful sleep applying Cocooning available in articles). THANKS 4 DEFENDING ME AGAINST A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO DIS ME (WHY?) IT IS ENVY—SHE WANTS 2 B THE QUEEN B, IS NOT WOMAN ENOUGH TO ACCEPT THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR STRUGGLES OF OTHER WOMEN—IT’S EASY TO DIS OTHER WOMEN, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE SEX TRADE…WILLIAM, CAN U RECALL WHEN ON UR YAHOO GROUPS SEVERAL WOMEN GANGED UP ON ME AT ONE TIME? I CALLED ALL THE SHOTS & THIS WAS THE 3RD TIME I GOT FAMOUS AS A FEMALE SUPREMACIST” ON A DOZEN NATIONAL 10 SHOWS – I SPOKE UP AS AN ACTIVIST WHO HAPPENS 2 DO DOMINATION, THAT MALES NEED 2 BE UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF WOMEN, THAT WOMEN SHOULD RULE THE FAMILY & WORLD—MY MANIFESTO WAS READ ON NATIONAL TV-I DO NOT NEED UR THERAPY DEAR IGNORANT BOY.

TODAY, AS GURU RASA, I AM, INDEED, TEACHING MALE/FEMALE RELASHIONSHIPS & South Extension Escorts Girls REDEFINING SEXUALITY, & I DO RUN THE UNIVERSITY OF MOTHER GOD CHURCH”— I AM TEACHING WOMEN MUST DOMINATE MEN, & MEN SHOULD SURRENDER TO WOMEN, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. However, you need to be comfortable with having sex with your clients, because it is unofficially accepted that they could be paying you in part for it. If you are not ready to provide sexual services as well, your career as an escort will be very limited because there are a very small number of clients who just want your company for a brief period of time. Many men have trouble initiating a relationship, have little time for a relationship or simply enjoy the sexual variety, and escorts have provided an outlet for such desires with a safer, cleaner and more attractive reputation than street prostitutes.

Then it’s back to a hotel or the house for a meal and celebration of the life of the deceased by their family friends and loved ones, reminiscing on the good times. Dainton was a very funny fella,always a laugh to be around,he was always up to mischief to,a couple of times he turned up at my door in Archway and he’d just nicked a motor and the first time he did this he asked if I wanted to go for a spin in it,dodgy at the time as ob used put up roadblocks all over that area about 79-80 as so many cars were getting nicked,even the kids of 9 and 10 were at it and used to use the cars to go and spin drums up the road in posh Hampstead and Finchley,one of our well knowns got a tug on the way home from doing some posh gaff and I swear on my life he smacked up the 2 ob and drove off in their squad car pmsl,anyway me and D went for a spin in this stolen car,drives down to Kings cross,next thing I know he’s just stopped the car and jumped out to grab a brasses handbag hahaha and jumps back in and drives off.Further down the road on York way he spots a brass standing right on the edge of the pavement with her handbag down by her side,he just pulled right up alongside her and grabbed her back…but she wasnt letting go of it hahaha so he’s just drove off and dragged her 100 yards down York way cos he wasnt letting go either went back there a few days later as we’d had a right touch with the brasses bags,all caked with readies,but this time their black pimps were out with them to protect them and look out for us lot to teach us a lesson!,it was us who taught them a lesson,the first pimp I South Extension Escorts Girls remember he had a jeans jacket on got fucked up nicely,his pals shit themselves and left him to get done.